Real Estate Addressing Ordinance

Town of Whiting 

Adopted: March 24, 1997 

Section 1.  Purpose


The purpose of this ordinance is to enhance the easy and rapid location of real properties by fire, rescue, emergency medical service and law enforcement personal in the Town of Whiting.


Section 2.  Authority


This ordinance is adopted pursuant to and consistent with the Municipal Home Rule Powers as provided for in Article VIII, Part 2, Section 1 of the Constitution of the State of Maine and Title 30-A M.R.S.A. Section 3001.


Section 3.  Administration


This Ordinance shall be administered by the Whiting Board of Selectmen. The Selectmen shall assign road names and numbers to all real properties on existing and proposed roads in accord with the criteria in Sections 4 and 5.


The Selectmen shall maintain the following official records established by this ordinance:


3a. A map of Whiting showing officially approved road names, property numbers and the means of access to real property (private and public roads, lanes, etc.)


3b. An alphabetical list of all property owners as identified by current assessment records, by last name, showing the assigned names and numbers,


3c. An alphabetical list of all roads with property owners listed in order of their assigned property numbers.


Section 4.  Naming system


All roads which serve two or more structures, or are occupied by independent families or businesses, shall be named regardless of public or private ownership. A “road” refers to any highway, road, street, avenue, lane, private way or similar paved, gravel or dirt thoroughfare. “Property” refers to any real property on which a more or less permanent structure has been erected, and may include real property which does not have a permanent structure, but whatever merits naming for emergency services.


Assignment of a name by the Whiting Selectmen shall in no way constitute or imply acceptance of the road as a public way.


The following criteria shall govern the naming system:


4a. No two roads shall be given the same or closely similar name (e.g., no Pine Road and Pine Lane).


4b. No two roads shall have similar sounding names (e.g., no Beach Street and Peach Street).


4c. Each road shall have the same name throughout its entire length.


Section 5. Numbering System


Numbers shall generally be assigned to each fifty (50) foot interval along both sides of each way with even numbers on the left and odd numbers on the right when moving from the number origin toward higher numbers. In some areas the numbering interval may be adjusted as needed.


The following criteria shall govern numbering assignment:


5a. All number origins shall begin at U. S. Route 1. or that end of the road closest to U.S. Route1. For dead end roads, numbering shall originate at the intersection with the adjacent road and terminate at the dead end. The number origin for properties on U.S. Route 1 runs consecutively from east to west ascending.


5b. The number assigned to each structure shall be that of the numbered interval falling closest to the front door. If the structure’s front door is invisible from the road, the number shall be that of the interval falling closest to the driveway serving said structure.


5c. Every structure with more than one residence shall have the same number for each residence and assigned letters for the secondary address unit (i.e./ in a mobile home park, an individual home may be identified as 235 Maple Street, Lot D).

Section 6. Compliance

All owners of structures should display conspicuously and maintain the assigned property number in the following manner:


6a. Property number display should best assist emergency vehicle personnel, and be displayed in such a manner permitting clear visibility from the street or road. Preferably the property number sign shall be fully visible regardless of the direction of approach on the road. Number signs should be mounted on a post or other structure, at least four (4) feet off the ground.


6b. Number display surfaces should have dark, legible numbers, a minimum of six (6) inches high on a contrasting background.


6c. For emergency use by children and strangers, structure residents should post the assigned number and road name next to their telephones.


Section 7. New Structures and Subdivisions


All new structures and subdivision roads shall be named and numbered in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance and the following:


7a.  New Structures.  Whenever a new residence or other structure is to be constructed on an existing road, it shall be the duty of the property owner to obtain the assigned number upon receipt of a building permit for the structure. An auxiliary structure (barn, garage etc.) need not bear a separate number when it is obviously associated with an existing numbered building or residence.


7.b New Subdivisions.  A prospective subdivider shall show proposed road names and numbers in the permit application data submitted to the Planning Board. Approval by the Planning Board after consultation with the Selectmen, shall constitute approval of the proposed names and numbers. On the final subdivision plan, the applicant shall note fifty (50) foot intervals along each way and label origin, terminal and intermediate points to permit ready interpretations of assigned property numbers.


Section 8. Effective Date


This ordinance shall become effective as of March 24, 1997. The Selectmen shall notify, by mail, each property owner and the Post Office of the new address names and numbers at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date.


It shall be the duty of the property owners to post their property address numbers within thirty (30) days following notification or initial use of a new structure.


Town of Whiting Selectmen:

/s/ John A. Pope

/s/ Timothy J. Mallar

/s/ Carroll C. Gilpatrick




/s/ Alan D. Brooks, Town Clerk